Biotech Life

Fertility diagnostics and treatment through an organic microbiome solution, that restores fertility potential for women everywhere.

Agtech & Smart Logisitc

A Smart logistic platform that transforms agrobusiness supply chain. Circular enables the Transition to a more sustainable agribusiness.

E Health

Ellie offers an advanced Age Tech platform and a smart watch, combined with AI, to materially improve remote care and wellbeing of the elderly.

Food Tech

A foodtech company that uses data science and algorithms to accelerate the product development cycle with the vision to create the most nutritious sustainable and affordable product.

Biotech Life

An immuno therapy company that has developed successful monoclonal antibodies for Cancer treatment and autoimmune diseases.


Chaindots offers an intuitive risk management platform to automate the regulatory demand of customer and supplier due diligence, known as KYC, KYP and TPRM.

The Highlights App

The Highlights App is a sports entertainment streaming platform that uses an intuitive mobile interface powered with AI to aggregate sports highlights, and personalize them to fans preferences.


Early stage tech ventures from Latam and the US

30 portfolio company investments with a focus in EdTech, Web 3.0 and eCommerce aggregators: Agrotoken, Elevva, ISA Lab, Menta.

Deep Internet ventures from Latam and the US

10 portfolio company investments with a focus in Internet Infrastructure, FinTech and Web 3.0: Lemon Cash, Travel X, Stämm, Novo Space.


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